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A Confusion of Zebra

A Confusion of Zebras
Every grouping of animals is assigned a special name , known as a “Collective Noun”. These names probably originated in the 5th Century and quite likely were created as a lark on the part of a small parcel of well educated nobility. They have made their way into the modern lexicon and now are considered whimsical but legitimate descriptors. 
In the case of Zebra’s the collective noun is “Zeal” as in a Zeal of Zebras (though it could also correctly be referred to as a Zeal of Zebra. The term Herd is also employed upon occasion. 
In this image – “A Confusion of Zebra” Wayne King takes the liberty to assign a new collective noun to the lexicon – which under the circumstances fits nicely. It’s not likely that the collective noun “confusion” will be taken up by future wordsmiths but for the purposes of this abstract image herd or zeal just did not seem to suffice.
A Zebra’s stripes may range in color from the traditional black and white to shades of brown mixed with …

The Gathering Storm - Climate Change

The Gathering Storm Borne on an ill wind, our own Confers no favor.

From Dull to Dynamic

From Dull to Dynamic Using manipulation to take a dull photo to a dynamic one.
I don't recommend that you use the following technique on every photo that you see as simply average or dull but using manipulation can sometimes make the difference between an image that gets archived in your stock folder (or simply tossed) and one that not only goes into your art folder but that becomes an image you hope to print soon.
The photo immediately below is a perfectly acceptable stock photo. Though its not particularly interesting it might be something that a laundry detergent company would find useful or a company that sells Phlox seeds.
In fact, as I was looking at the image today I was in the process of weeding out some images from a processing folder and was about to drag it into the stock photo folder. I was actually in the process of deciding it I was going to throw it away entirely or put it in the stock folder. 
Then I decided that it might be worth taking a shot at using it for a t…