Saturday, April 29, 2017

"Uncle" Harry Uhlman's Sugaring Off Parties

Uncle Harry ladles the syrup

"Uncle" Harry Uhlman's Sugaring Off Parties
by Wayne D. King

I remember as if it were yesterday, though at least 45 years have passed. Warm spring Sundays, filled with the hope that spring always brings. Sun shining on my face as I left church and greeted Uncle Harry at the door.

Uncle Harry was a deacon in our church and he wasn't my uncle - he was everyone's uncle. His kindly face, worn with the seasons of a Yankee native's life, would beam as he leaned down to remind me of the sugaring off party at his sugarhouse that afternoon and called me "dear" in that rich North Country accent that resonates still in my brain.

Of course he didn't need to remind me, or anyone else in our informal confederation of communities, drawn together by the necessity of sharing schools, churches, fire departments, police. The moment that sap buckets appeared on the maples along the road we knew that the moment was approaching. Children and adults alike would find their conversations turning to the sap and Uncle Harry's sugaring off party.

Uncle Harry sugared the old fashioned way, though many of the sugaring operation of the day were even then beginning to modernize. His only concession to the modern age came well toward the end of his days when the horse drawn sled gave way to a small blue tractor. Even then, though, he would alight from his tractor, put the rugged yoke around his neck and trudge through the snow from tree to tree gathering sap from the buckets by hand and emptying them into the container on the tractor. When the huge container on the tractor was full it would be transferred to the sugarhouse where his wood fired boiler and evaporator would turn the sweet sap into maple syrup.

It was the 1960’s and despite the conservative ways of my North Country neighbors Uncle Harry began to wear his hair long. Not shaggy like so many of my older friends, but longer than the norm for disapproving adults. Uncle Harry's hair was more like a snow-covered rainbow, mostly white with streaks of brown, gold and red as it flowed in waves down his head. It almost seemed that the golden brown of his syrup had so thoroughly penetrated his being that even his hair reflected its glory. Though he never said a word about it to me, I think letting his hair grow was Uncle Harry's way of sending a message to the young people in the community that their choice of self expression did not make them outcasts - despite the whispering and snide remarks of other adults. We loved him for it.

Then the long anticipated day would arrive. After church Uncle Harry would head back to his orchard to prepare for the festivities. A huge pile of clean snow, gathered thoughtfully on some long passed stormy day, lay covered with a large canvas tarp to be unveiled only when the children were gathered around squealing delightedly.

When families began to arrive Harry Uhlman would be hidden away in his sugarhouse boiling the syrup past pancake thickness to that special level where just the act of pouring it on a snowcovered plate would seem like a spiritual experience. . . nature's sweetest celebration of the spring. While he finished the syrup the children would play in the maple groves, waiting for the moment that they would form a human wave of exuberance as they rushed to get in line. The adults would mingle, share tales of winter tribulations and plans for the warm days ahead, and pretend that they weren't just as excited as the children. . . and then Uncle Harry would emerge, wooden bucket in hand, a silly old hat on his head, smiling like an angel . . . I think he was. I know he is now. To this day I can't see a sugarhouse or a tapped maple that doesn't bring him back into my life.

God Bless you Uncle Harry; and every other neighbor who spreads love like maple syrup on our lives.

Sugaring Off with Uncle Harry Originals
Edition of 100 signed originals
Printed on fine art rag paper with archival inks

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Waiting on a Purple Breeze

Waiting on a Purple Breeze
Milkweed Pods opened and ready to fly. Manipulated color image. Only one original edition of 25 prints of this image is created, signed with a certificate of authenticity and printed on fine art paper with archival inks. The image is used for creation of an open edition but otherwise archived and kept only for historic purposes and publications. To purchase an original  click here:

The open edition, featured here provides the closet approximation to an original work at a more affordable price, especially for those who love art but dont feel the need to purchase original works.

Printed on fine art rag paper with archival inks
Edition of 25

Monday, April 10, 2017

Two King Images Chosen for "Focus on Figures" Juried Show April 22-30, 2017

Two of Wayne King's images have been chosen for North River Arts Juried Show "Focus on Figures" Juried Show April 22-30, 2017

On The Vineyard:

Woman sits on a beach along the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Monochrome image printed through textured glass and used for the creation of two limited editions. The first an edition of 10 individually hand painted prints.

The second edition is a limited edition of 100 printed using one of the hand painted images and scanned for output with archival inks. The image is used for creation of a digitally initialed open edition but otherwise archived and kept only for historic purposes and publications. To purchase a 1st or 2nd edition original, or an open edition digitally initialed print, click here:

Into a Misty Wood:

Male nude runs into a misty wood.Only one original edition of 10 prints of this image is created, signed, dated and with a certificate of authenticity Printed on fine art paper with archival inks. The image is used for creation of a digitally initialed open edition but otherwise archived and kept only for historic purposes and publications. To purchase an original contact the artist at Or click here:

The Exhibit is open for one week only, beginning with an opening night reception April 22 from 7-10pm at the North River Arts Society in Marshfield, MA. For directions, click here:

Friday, April 7, 2017

King Image "The Road Darkens" Chosen in Juried Competition "One Planet, One Home"

King Image "The Road Darkens" Chosen in Juried Competition "One Planet, One Home"
Wayne King's image "The Road Darkens" has been chosen for a juried show at the Kehler Liddell Gallery in New Haven, CT. The exhibition: "One Planet, One Home" focuses on the challenges of Climate Change.

The image is part of a Climate Change series King has been working on for the past two years. The image alludes to the growing crisis. The image is a color montage of several different images including elements of photography and watercolor painting. One original edition of 5 prints is created, printed on fine art rag paper using archival inks; signed and with a certificate of authenticity. To purchase an original, click here:

The title is drawn from a quote from J. R. R. Tolkien's "Fellowship of the Ring". "Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens."

A digitally initialed open edition, also created, provides the closest approximation to an original work at a more affordable price, especially for those who love art but don't feel the need to purchase original works. Follow the link above and choose the open edition link if you would prefer the open edition.

The image is also available as a poster and a greeting card, here:

Kehler Liddel Gallery:

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sacred Trust Update

Sacred Trust Update
You may already know that I've been writing a novel about a group of unlikely compatriots that come together to try and stop a high voltage power transmission line in NH. 

While I have tried to avoid the pitfalls of linking the power project in this novel directly with any similar project (duh! as my son says) the obvious connections will certainly be made and I believe that will be useful to those of us who have been opposing the real NH transmission project. 

The book is set here in New Hampshire but has much broader implications for similar projects throughout the country, particularly in light of President Trump’s executive order on pipelines and transmission lines. 

I am currently about 3/4 finished with the novel - having spent two years to date on it in my spare time - I am hoping to supercharge a final push in the next 3 months to finish it and get it edited and published through a crowdfunding campaign to support the final push. 

I'm fully aware that this will not be without controversy. However, I sense that the controversy might be just what is needed to refocus the public eye on the efforts to stop or at least completely bury the proposed project. There has been a palpable drop in public interest of late. 

Furthermore, in the panic to get at least some of the line buried we have missed out on a lot of teachable moments that just did not seem to be high priority items in the beginning. Bigger picture issues like the over reliance on large sources of power production instead of smaller sources of power and micro-grids that make our system less subject to large outages from human or natural causes; The desecration of native lands and the massive carbon output associated with flooding of large tracts of land. The choice between direct transmission and a more nimble smart-grid allowing for the creation of power sources within communities that serve their economy and their environment better. 

While the novel is first and foremost a fun read about an important trend in the nation as a whole, it is also an opportunity to explore some of these teachable moments a bit. Perhaps even to create a book that serves as the basis for discussion of these issues in classes, book groups, and reading and discussion groups etc. For example, one device that I will be employing will be to have essays addressing some of the important issues written by actual experts who will be portrayed as “Gazetteers” much like the patriots who wrote the Federalist Papers. The purpose of their essays will be to ostensibly provide support to the compatriots fighting the power line but the more important reason for their essays will be to lay out the arguments against this and other similar projects and to examine some of the challenges of providing energy and power to our world in the future. 

I am hoping that you will have an interest in helping me to spread the word about the book and the campaign. 

If you are, here are some of this things you can do to help:

Pass the word about this campaign on to your friends, especially if they have expressed concern over Northern Pass. I have included a sample note below.

Sign up to receive updates on the campaign and snippets from the book:

If you have publishing contacts who may have an interest in looking at the book please let me know and feel free to contact them.

If you know an expert in any of the related areas (climate change, sustainable and renewable energy, Native American rights and treaties, Smartgrids, Energy planning, etc) Please let me know and I will speak with them about contributing to the book.

Best wishes,

Wayne King

Sample Referral Note

Wayne King has been writing a fictional novel, “Sacred Trust”, about a group of compatriots using civil disobedience to stop an electric transmission line similar to the Northern Pass project proposed in New Hampshire. His novel is intended to be a great read with a message, using real experts to lay out the arguments against similar projects.

He is running a crowdfunding campaign to put the book over the top - to cover the costs of paying the experts for their essays, editing and publishing the book.

He is hoping that both the crowdfunding campaign and the book will stir up more interest and help to put fire back into the opposition which has seemed to lag lately.

If you would like to learn more or to help, visit his GoFundMe Campaign page at: 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Purchasing Art - A Guide to Decision Making

Purchasing Art - A Guide to Decision Making
by Wayne D. King

People purchase art for many different reasons. Understanding those reasons can help you to hone in on the specific investment you want to make. This short piece is written to try and simplify the decision making process while giving you enough information to assure your long term satisfaction.

Original Art or Reproduction Prints?
Aside from the obvious choices about what specific pieces you are interested in, the first choice that needs to be made is whether to purchase signed original art or reproductions.

Original Art
Original art is often seen as an investment by purchasers because the value of original art often increases over time. The trade off of course is that purchasing original work is bound to be more expensive because only a limited amount of it exists. For example, a reproduction of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”  will cost you about $50.00 while the actual artwork is now worth well over $100 million dollars. In another 50 years the original will be worth considerably more while the reproduction will likely be only worth what it was purchased for initially, unless there are other factors that enhance the value.

Fine Art prints, or Reproductions
Fine Art prints, or reproductions, are the more affordable alternative. They are the logical choice if you are purchasing them purely for the love of art and not for the investment.  The cost of purchasing Fine Art Prints or reproductions are likely to be only slightly more than it cost the artist to actually create the piece. With the advent of “on-demand” printing it is now simpler for artists to offer these reproductions. Before on-demand printing an artist had to contract with a printer to do a print run of multiple copies in order to be able to offer reproductions. Now websites like Fine Art America, Zazzle and Red Bubble allow them to offer individual prints at a very affordable cost without the high costs of printing large numbers of individual images.

Print Quality
When purchasing Fine Art reproductions it is also important to know that the quality of the print can vary wildly. If possible it is best to purchase prints made on high quality paper or canvas with archival (long lasting) inks. Any colors will fade if displayed in direct sunlight, even archival inks, though the archival inks will last much longer. Other new innovations like metal prints offer an interesting alternative but require you to decide whether the print surface adds or detracts from the image itself.

Purchasing Photographic Art
Purchasing photographic art is only slightly different than purchasing any other art. Original art is determined only on the basis of whether the print is signed. A purchaser should always look for photographic art where the signature is on the image itself and not on the mat. Mat board can become damaged and if the signature is on the mat and the mat is discarded it will be far more difficult to prove that it is an original. Often original photography is sold in a limited edition. This means that the number of original prints is limited only to the edition number and the artist pledges not to sign any more than the number of prints in the edition. The edition number may be included on the print or simply included in a separate “Certificate of Authenticity” signed by the artist with or without a specific edition number. The edition number is usually in the following form: 1/100, where the first number is the number of the specific print in the edition and the second number is the limit of the edition.

Purchasing my art
The images that I create are usually limited to only 5 or 10 original prints of each image. Rarely editions will be as high as 100 and sometimes as low as 1 single piece. Higher number editions are usually made to allow me to sell the art at a lower cost.

Original prints are available only by purchase directly from me directly or from my personal Website. Not all images are available on my website but can be added by request.

Fine art reproductions can be purchased at any of the sites listed below. I place a digital initial on each image that gives the buyer the closest approximation of an original without the premium cost of purchasing an original. Years from now, when I am long gone, appraisers will be able to tell an original print from a reproduction based on whether it is initialed digitally or signed by my own hand. Such are the possibilities in the digital age!  

I have carefully chosen the sites below to be sure of the reproduction quality and the options for choosing special paper, matting and framing. I order my own prints made at these sites so I recommend them highly.

Of course I would rather have you purchase originals but I would be honored to have my work hanging in your home or office in any form. If you want original work you can use the sites listed below to choose the images and sizes that you want and then contact me by email, phone or through my facebook page with your specific request or even to make an offer. Generally I sell the originals unframed so that you can choose framing based on your personal needs but I am happy to provide a price for framed work as well.

Fine Art Reproduction Sites

Fine Art America - or my direct portfolio link
Red Bubble -

Personal site:

Contact information:
Wayne King
PO Box 500
Rumney NH 03266
603-786-9378 Tel
603-515-6001 Cell

Monday, October 24, 2016

For Your Local Bucket list - Smarts Brook Icefalls

For Your Local Bucket list - Smarts Brook Icefalls

A small gorge less than 1/2 mile along the Smart's Brook Trail in the town of Thornton has the most beautiful set of Icefalls that I have ever seen anywhere. You will feel an almost spiritual life when you come upon it.
As the water moves through the ground in this region it picks up minerals that turn the ice different colors. Each year the ice falls have a different look although the general colors are largely the same because the color relates to the minerals.

An original edition of 100 signed prints of this image is created, signed, dated and with a certificate of authenticity. The image is used for creation of a digitally initialed open edition but otherwise archived and kept only for historic purposes and publications. To purchase an original click here:

The digitally initialed open edition provides the closest approximation to an original work at a more affordable price, especially for those who love art but dont feel the need to purchase original works.

Smarts Brook Icefall
16x12: $90
16x24: $295
20x30: $595
Edition of 100 signed originals