Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ibadan Dryer Mindscape

Clotheslines are one of my favorite subjects. While they are making a comeback in the US, they never went away in places like Ibadan, Nigeria where this image was captured.

I like the image to the right but also find that it is a bit too busy. with too many elements that distract from the focal points of the image. This was the main reason that I decided to convert it into a Mindscape. 

Looking at the original image, the two elements that I wanted to preserve were the clothesline and the yellow containers immediately below the clothesline. Having decided that it was then a (relatively) simple matter to  isolate the desired elements using a duo color filter to create the image to meld with the original. The most time consuming aspects of creating an image like this is the time needed to bring only the clothesline back using the history brush. A less careful approach will show the colors of the walls where they intersect the clothesline. This is achieved by viewing the image at actual pixel size while using the filter. The resulting image can be seen below.

Clothesline Photographed in Ibadan, Nigeria

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