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From a Beach Crowd to Pink at the Beach

"Pink at the Beach" is the title of one of my most recent images. This image is, like many of my images, a manipulated image created from an image quite different than the image I began with.

Let's look at the original image first:

While this image stands on its own as a photograph that nicely documents a visit to the beach in Dakar Senegal if it were placed as is on the wall of a gallery people would be pointing at it and commenting on the very common nature of the image - and they would be right.

My first step was to envision the image that I wanted in the end. Looking at the image, it's clear that the extraneous people create a distraction. If I want to emphasize the two women on the beach I need to remove the extra people. I've shown this below in a very rough manner.

Using Photoshop, and specifically the clone tool and the healing brush tool, I removed the people.

I then switch to Photomatix Pro, creating three images of the same photo with two of them created …