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Two Important Conservation Projects - Support them with Purchase of an Image

A Campaign to Raise $2.5 Million to thwart Northern Pass

Every generation has a chance to create a legacy.

McAllaster Farm. Photo by Jerry and Marcy Monkman, EcoPhotography.

For every generation, there is a moment that defines us. A moment when we have a choice about what our legacy will be. A test of our willingness to stand up for our values.

Today is such a moment. Today the Society for the Protection of NH Forests has an opportunity to defend the state's greatest asset, our scenic working landscape, from the biggest threat of our generation.

The Forest Society is working with four landowners in New Hampshire's North Country to permanently protect more than 1,500 acres of forests, fields and views through permanent conservation easements. These lands lie directly in the obvious intended path of Northern Pass, and thus disrupt the project's ability to move forward with that route.

Hazelton Farm on Newfou…