Thursday, June 13, 2013

Which is the Photographer? How Weather affects images.

Magic After the Thunderstorm
You have a room full of men and women, a rainy day and one camera. How can you find the artist in the room? They will be the people fighting over the camera because they know that inclement weather always makes for the best photographs. Why? Its relatively simply really, the more brightly the sun shines the more it bleaches out the color from images. But cloudy days, rain, best of all the mist that follows a strong storm, all these are things that make for an award winning image - one with mood, and spirit.

Don't take my word for it get out there on a day when the morning mist is lying low in the valley or when rain or snow create an atmosphere unlike anything you will be able to create on a sunny day.

Cloud Dance

Trusses and Light

Reflections of a Chapel in Autumn Light

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fields of Lupine Festival

Spring Symphony of Lupine
The Fields of Lupine Festival is a regional event celebrating the blossoming of the Lupines in New Hampshire's Northcountry.

Nowhere else in New Hampshire does this flower figure so prominently into the landscape and the ethos of the region.

Early June sees roadsides and fields carpeted with Lupines and the view is serene and awe inspiring at once.

The communities of Bethlehem, Easton, Franconia, Sugar Hill, Twin Mountain, and Bretton Woods all join together to celebrate the coming of the Lupine and to showcase their region.

Every year they put together a host of great events around the flowering: Garden tours, historic inn tours, concerts, sidewalk sales, art exhibits.

If you are a photographer, painter, artist of any sort, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven as you wander the area and capture the beauty with your mind and your medium.

Links and Details

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Skunk Cabbage - Sweet as Spring

My first trip into the woods after snowmelt this Spring was at that moment when only the Skunk Cabbage had pushed its way toward the light....