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Variations on a Theme - The Blonde Mane

Various software programs now allow for the manipulation of image in literally thousands of ways. The creation of a work of art need not be expected to express itself in only one way. One need only look to the works of Andy Warhol who would create variations on a theme as individual works or even on a piece of work that expressed itself as more of a collage than as a single image.

I rarely use a single filter when creating a variation on a theme but combining filters provides both the challenge and the outcome that makes the creation of the art fulfilling and interesting.

Recently I took an image of a beautiful old soul photographed along a country road in the town of Benton New Hampshire. In his heyday, this white horse was probably a showstopper. Looking at him now you can still see how he would have turned heads as a three year old or even at 6 or 7 but now, at what I estimated was approaching 30 the old fellow's best days were behind him. Yet here he stood, in a pasture he shar…