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Reviving the Mt. Eustis Community Ski Area

The cost of a ski ticket has - lately especially - made the sport of skiing out of reach for most New Hampshire folks. In addition to this, most ski areas have dropped their special rates for local citizens and especially students - an act that they will regret as climate change makes it more and more challenging to draw skiers. That's what makes this effort to revive the Mount Eustis community ski area important.

New Hampshire was once dotted with these small community ski areas. After all, New Hampshire was the birthplace of skiing in the United States so it made sense that communities would make an effort to provide an opportunity for their citizens. But over the years, particularly when skiing was more affordable to the average citizen and ski areas had community discounts for locals, the number of these ski areas dwindled until there were almost none.

Expect to see more of these efforts to revive old ski hills. You can learn more about NH's "lost" ski hills he…

Reflecting Rainbows of Color - Looking forward to Lupines Blooming

When it's springtime in the mountains,
The fields are all ablaze.
The Lupine and the Foxglove bloom
Just to paint the morning haze.
As long as daisies beckon children
It always will be true
When its springtime in the mountains,
My heart will be with you.

~ Wayne D. King

Reflecting Rainbows of Color Original Limited edition of 10 18x24 Fine art Giclee, Archival inks Unframed $495
Open Edition Print size 8x12 Matted on acid free 16x20 frame-ready matt Luster photographic paper $125.00

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Light Paints the Dells, Prescott Arizona

My son Zach, who is fast becoming a pretty fantastic photographer himself, lives in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, Prescott Arizona. Now the first thing you need to know if you are going to visit Prescott is that - like New Hampshire where we pronounce many places differently than you would have expected, Prescott is not pronounced Press Cot. Instead its pronounced as  if you were saying biscuit. Prescott is Press Kit.

Now, once you are in Prescott, seek out the Granite Dells and Lake Watson. Plan to spend a lot of time there and plan to go back time and time again as changes in the sky and weather will offer you all kinds of opportunities for capturing amazing images.

The two images below are actually created from the same image, treated differently to produce a simple straightforward panorama of the Lake Watson area and then an image that is a more lowlight capture. I thought of the two different images because as I watched the sunlight fade on Lake Watson, I act…

Eyes of Pride

Eyes of Pride

The Eyes of Pride
One original
24x32 Fine art Giclee, Archival inks

Open Edition
Print size 8x12
Matted on acid free 16x20 frame-ready matt
Luster photographic paper

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Finding Vivian Maier

A Documentary of this Canadian street photographer who privately captured some of the most captivating images of the 20th century is opening in Canada this week with a US opening soon. Maier never showed her work during her life but her work has been meticulously documented by documentary filmmaker John Maloof. She will be considered one of the greats in the mold of Cartier-Bresson. You can do a google search of her images to get a taste of her extraordinary work., you can also listen to this podcast from the CBC. the story about the documentary is the last one on the podcast but the entire "As it Happens" episode is worth listening to.

As it Happens