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Purchasing Art - A Guide to Decision Making

Purchasing Art - A Guide to Decision Making by Wayne D. King
People purchase art for many different reasons. Understanding those reasons can help you to hone in on the specific investment you want to make. This short piece is written to try and simplify the decision making process while giving you enough information to assure your long term satisfaction.
Original Art or Reproduction Prints? Aside from the obvious choices about what specific pieces you are interested in, the first choice that needs to be made is whether to purchase signed original art or reproductions.
Original Art Original art is often seen as an investment by purchasers because the value of original art often increases over time. The trade off of course is that purchasing original work is bound to be more expensive because only a limited amount of it exists. For example, a reproduction of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”  will cost you about $50.00 while the actual artwork is now worth well over $100 million dollars. In another…