Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Adventure in the "Golden Season" Part II

This is part two of a two part series. Click here to go to part one.

At the southern end of the bog I found some cattails that added a new element to the images, although the dead trees that were between the cattails and the larches are a bit of a distraction.

Original image: Cattails and Larches Franconia Bog, 
October 2008, Image by Wayne King

Cattails and Larches Mindscape #1

Changing from a horizontal image to a vertical image does make the dead trees a more integral part of the image but the loss of other interesting elements make the total image less appealing and while I show the image here for your edification, it did not survive the cut and I do not offer this image as a finished work of art - believing that it is just not up to the standards of the other images in the series.

The final piece represents the most highly manipulated image within the series. While I am fond of the image and feel that it holds together with the others in the series, I don't feel that it stand above them.

The original image is probably the least interesting among all of the images chosen to use from the group taken. Still, the scene was breathtakingly beautiful from almost any angle.

The resulting image is entitled Lone Tamarack Mindscape.

Lone Tamarack Mindscape

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