Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beech Hill Pond Mindscape

While the original Beech Hill Pond image (right) has been published in several magazines and on multiple websites since it was taken in 2006, I have been wanting to experiment with it for the two years since. As a straight photo it certainly stands on its own.

For those who are drawn to the stunning autumn colors of New England, this image alone is stirring enough. I know that I was moved by the beauty of the scene when I photographed it. In fact, after taking a series of images here, I found a nice quiet spot and sat quietly for about 30 minutes just drinking in the beauty of the day.

However, I'm always looking for some way to take an image like this to a different level. Thus, Beech Hill Pond Mindscape below emerged.

Without divulging every step along that way, the image you see below was created with a process that took about four hours, trying various Photoshop filters and strategies until I settled on the approach that suited me. The beauty of manipulating images is that you can take them in any one of an endless number of directions. Even trying to replicate the same image twice will yield different results. For that reason, one could actually produce a whole series of unique, one-of-a-kind art from one simple image.

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