Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cliff Aster Mindscape

The image Cliff Aster Mindscape is a simple image created to emphasize the color of the aster and the small checkerberry plant bravely poking their ways through the face of a cliff in central NH. The original image, while fine, seemed too much like a snapshot, despite the interesting subject matter.

In order to emphasize what was most important about this image, I determined to demphasize the area surrounding the plants by desaturating them to their simplest form, black and white. Having done this, I felt that the cold grays of a black and white "background" were not conducive to the feeling I was trying to create. I then took the black and white image  and applied a duotone filter to warm up the color with something akin to a sepia toner. Keeping both images the same size I then opened both on my desktop and copied the duotone image, placing it over the color image and then applying a history brush to bring back the color of the plants. The result is the final image that you see below.

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