Saturday, November 1, 2008

Franconia Pond Larches Mindscapes Derivations

This entry looks at five different Mindscape derivations from the same image. Each has its own unique look and each stands on its own as a unique work of art. None of these images would have been possible - except perhaps as individual mistakes derived from darkroom experiments - prior to the age of digital photography and specifically prior to the advent of Photoshop.

Franconia Pond Larches #9 Photographed
in Franconia NH, October 2008
Image by Wayne King

It is arguable that the creation of images like this is more the work of a craftsman than an artist. After all, someone who is very good at Photoshop (which I am NOT), could conceivably replicate the images. It may be self serving, but I believe that the difference between craftsmanship and art lies in the totality of the work. In other words the entire process from choosing the subject, composing the image and then, using the initial baseline image, creating the final images.

Franconia Pond Larches Mindscape #9
Tamarack Inversion

Franconia Pond Larches Mindscape #10
Larch Reflections

Franconia Pond Larches Mindscape #11
First Snow on Tamarack Pond

Franconia Pond Larches Mindscape #12
Bakers Dozen Larches

Franconia Pond Larches Mindscape #13
Snow on Larches
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