Saturday, November 29, 2008

Non Profit Organization Fundraising with Mindscapes

While you are browsing through images here on the Mindscapes Blog or at the Mindscapes online Gallery you may come across an image, or a series of images that would make a perfect fundraising tool for your organization. All you need to do is let us know and we'll help you set up a special fundraising program using the image.

Here's how the program works:
You choose the image or images, we approve the partnership and set up a special page where your supporters can order cards, mounted or framed prints, images mounted on canvas or posters. We'll even create a calendar or a special coffee table book if we have a series that fits your need. You then alert your members/supporters and friends and provide them with a link to your page. Let us know if you would like our help in setting up this link. We have provided samples of each image below.

Each item is priced at exactly double the cost of production, we then split the NET proceeds with your organization. You can always calculate what your net proceeds will be by taking the price shown on the page and dividing it by 4 - but we've provided samples of each product below.
We will send you a check each month for your portion of sales made.
We can provide this service for whatever time-frame fits your fundraising schedule.

Don't delay. More than ever, in this climate of dwindling contributions, non-profit organizations need fundraising tools to sustain their mission. Look through our extensive gallery of images and select the image or images that reflect your organization's mission. Email us to get your fundraising program started.

New! Add Text to an image.
Perhaps you came upon an image that would be the perfect fundraising image if only it had your organization's name or motto etc. We'll add the text you want and you can send the image out to your friends and supporters and sit back as they place their orders.


Net to your organization: $1.25 per card
Go to the Gallery.

Matted Image

Matted Photos (Matt choices Black, White and Off-white)
Print size: 12.8" x 8.6"
Net to your organization:$8.90
Go to the Gallery.

Laminated Print

Laminated Image with Title (Color choices Black, White)
Print sizes and net proceeds:
  • 8x12 Laminated print:$5.34
  • 12x18 Laminated print: $8.90
  • 16x24 Laminated Print: $17.11
Foam Core Mounted Images

Print images sizes and net proceeds:
  • 8x12 Foam Mounted: $14.25
  • 12x18 Foam Mounted: $19.59
  • 16x24 Foam mounted: $26.72
Go to the Gallery.

Canvas Mounted Images

Print images sizes and net proceeds:
  • 8x12 Canvas Mounted: $21.37
  • 12x18 Canvas Mounted: $28.50
  • 16x24 Canvas Mounted: $39.18
Go to the Gallery.

Framed Images

Matt Colors: Black, White, Off-white
Frame choices:
Go to the Gallery.

Print sizes and net proceeds:
  • 8x12 Framed Print: $28.50
  • 12x18 Framed Print: $35.62
  • 16x24 Framed Print: $48.09


Poster sizes and net proceeds
  • 15.5 X23.3 Poster: $7.12
  • 23.4 x 31.25 Poster: $12.50
Go to the Gallery.


Net proceeds: $7.00 per calendar
Go to the Gallery.
Contact us by email here

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