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Drawn Inexorably to the Light

Two children drawn to the light of a clearing express the sentiment that children are drawn to light and truth. It is only when we have allowed the cynicism of time erode this that we lose that spark of childhood.

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Adding a Dreamlike Appeal to an Image

The Bikepath - Original Image

This brief piece addresses one way to take a standard image and crate a dreamlike effect from it. There are many options for doing this I chose this because it is consistent with my own style. The software used for this process is Photoshop CS.

It's important to note that each of these images could stand on its own. Since I am moving in a specific direction, the end result will be 2-3 stock images and one gallery-bound image. The original image above is a quality image to begin with. This is important because you can't take a poor quality image with no visual appeal and turn it into a gallery-quality image no matter how many tricks you employ.

Step two is a desaturation of the image and then the addition of one single brown tone to create a toned effect. (duo tone filter) Generally, adding a second tone also darkens the image and may require you to use your curves tool or brightness and contrast tools to lighten the image back up before you move on.

Composition and Perspective

Often the difference between a snapshot and a quality photographic image is the perspective that the photographer chooses.

In the case of the image below, a dozen images of the Peacock were taken and with the exception of this image all of the others were simply snapshots of the peacock displaying. This image, on the other hand, is among my best selling images. The perspective, enhancing the feathers but still showing the birds head, makes the shot more memorable and unusual.

The Peacock

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