Sunday, March 23, 2014

Humor as an Effective Element in Art

Humor as an Effective Element in Art

Much of the art we enjoy incorporates humor because it touches an emotional cord in each of us. It also adds power to what might otherwise be a less than outstanding image. This makes the process of creating the title all the more important. It serves to call attention to the joke you are seeking to convey.

In this image, entitled "Oops, Wrong Meeting!" I have taken a so-so image of pelicans and a seagull and created a story around it. Oops, wrong meeting suggests that the seagull has flown into a meeting to which he was not invited and that he did not intend to be at.

It is not the individual elements of this work that make it effective it is the story that emerges from the confluence of the image and the title.

A seagull joins a group of pelicans which suggests a meeting to which he was not invited.

Black and White image 
1 original image (1 of 1) 
Print size: 15x24
Frame Size: 19.5x28.5
Black Metal Frame
Off white acid free matt
Plexiglass Cover

An open edition of this image is available for those who would like a more affordable alternative to purchasing the original art. For your choices of size and style please click here.

* If you purchase this image and request input on framing choices, we can give you some alternatives.

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