Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Dreams of Deer

The Dreams of Deer

Red deer in a herd at a New Hampshire deer farm.
Manipulated color image. One original, live signed with a certificate of authenticity was created of this image.

Original image 1/1    $895
The print is 16.3x30 inches, framed in a 20.8 x 34.5 black metal neilsen style frame with an off white acid free matt and plexiglass to avoid breakage in shipping. If you purchase this image and request input on framing choices, we can give you some alternatives.

Purchase the original:
The open edition, digitally signed is undated and without a certificate of authenticity. It provides you with the closest approximation of an original without the premium cost of the original. To see the choices for the open edition print, click here.

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