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A Song Sung Softly

Larch or Tamarack are the holdouts of autumn, preferring to wait until after all of the fireworks of autumn have played out before unleashing their colors. This bog in Benton New Hampshire is a song sung softly when the concert goers have left the hall.
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New York Collector Purchases Two Original Images

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A New York art collector has purchased two original images from Wayne King. This removes those originals from the list of available art, except for open edition fine art reproductions.

A Dogs Eye View

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Through a Misty Wood

Through a Misty Wood Male nude running through a misty wood.
Male nude in a misty wood Monochrome Printed on 100% Rag art paper Archival inks 16"x16"
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Three Larch and Two Moose

Three Larch and Two Moose. 

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Painting the Streets of Kayar

Most Westerners will not understand. They see only what the people here do NOT have. But the women of Kayar know that every day they paint the streets of Africa with their clothes; and their laughter is as joyous music to the ears.
This image was captured in Kayar Senegal a fishing community about 3 hours from the capital city of Dakar. My team was there to help a small cooperative set up a computer system that would put them in touch with International markets and allow them to assess market value on a minute by minute basis as well as being able to reach prospective customers anywhere in the world. Walking around Kayar I happened upon this scene. The image was manipulated by creating a vignette effect to make the backdrop less busy and to emphasize the beauty of the dresses and umbrella.
As is usually the case, I create only one original, signed image. However, open edition prints are also available with the stamp you see in this picture. For those who treasure art for its own sake th…