Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Amethyst Fire

Several images over the past few weeks have found their start at Gemstar Gemstones in Enfield NH. This is not only one of the best gem and bead stores I've ever seen, it is also an adventure from an aesthetics point of view - with all kinds of interesting elements from shelves filled with Amethyst geodes to wind chimes made of colored agate and the colorful birdhouses.

Amethyst Fire was born of a simple image of two large amethyst geodes amid a field of smaller colored agate bookends. The original image itself was colorful and fun but lacked that certain something that made it a conversation piece.

This piece was created using a smudging process in the areas surrounding the large geodes. In many ways this process is similar to the process once done using a polaroid image that was manually altered during the process of its 60 second development. In those days of course the outcome was a final print of standard polaroid size - which for most folks meant about 3" x 3".

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