Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hidden Color in Muted Seasons

Color is where you find it - or where you create it. Even in the more muted seasons on the shoulder of fall/winter or winter/spring it can be found in some pretty unexpected places and the results can be much more than you would expect at first blush.

The two images shown here, "Birch Tangle" and "Dogwood Dance" barely show the trees t
hemselves and focus instead on the tangle of branches and the few remaining leaves. The blue of the sky and the soft focus whites of other birches in the background give this image the effect of a painting whose power is derived not from the subject but from the interplay of color and form within the final composition. 

While both are "straight" photographs, with no manipulation at all, each, nevertheless, has a feel of something more than a photo to it. 

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