Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Combining Watercolor Elements in a Photographic Image - Lone Moose on an Oxbow

Often an image will lack a little something because the sky is a bland color. The purist of course will live with the image as it is. I take a different approach from time to time. Over the years I have painted various black and white photographs with watercolors. As a result I have created skies that can be used as a base for a painted sky in other images using photoshop tools to create an image that combines elements of both photography and painting with watercolors. It doesn't always work but quite often it does and the effect can be breathtaking. In this image titled "Lone Moose in First Snow on a Baker River Oxbow" the base image, the Moose on the oxbow is quite stunning in and of itself. The first snow on the trees is beautiful but because there is still warmth in the ground and water it has melted to reveal the golden color of the marsh floor. The addition of a watercolor element in the sky gives the entire image a magical quality.

Lone Moose in First Snow on a Baker River Oxbow
Signed, Dated, Limited Edition Print
Edition size 25
Print size: 20x30"
Framed size: "24.5x34.5
Black metal frame (Neilsen style)
Off white matt, acid free
Plexiglass cover
Print cost: $485

At 20” x 30” this stunning signed and dated image will be the centerpiece of your wall. Limited to no more than 25 prints, signed, numbered and dated by the artist. This image contains elements of both photography and water color painting.

Open Edition:
Available as Open Edition Cards, Prints, Framed, Posters:  Click Here

* If you purchase this image and request input on framing choices, we can give you some alternatives.

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