Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Mane and the Mountain - Using Selective Color to Tell a Story

The Mane and the Mountain - Using Selective Color to Tell a Story

Removing all of the color from this image except for the color of the mane creates an intriguing effect that draws the viewer even more into the image. The image is mysterious and causes the viewer to wonder what is happening and the removal of color from all but the mane of the pony increases the mystery by making the pony almost incognito.

The Mane and the Mountain
A Shetland Pony in the shadow of Rattlesnake Mountain, Rumney, NH. Selective color manipulated photographic image to emphasize only the mane in contrast to the Mountain and huge birch.
Manipulated color image
1 original image (1 of 1)
Print size: 18x24
Frame Size 22.5x28.5
Wooden Frame
Off white acid free matt
Plexiglass Cover

An open edition of this image is available for those who would like a more affordable alternative to purchasing the original art. For your choices of size and style please click here.
* If you purchase this image and request input on framing choices, we can give you some alternatives.

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