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Moonrise Over Smith Bridge Cornfield

Moonrise Over Smith Bridge Cornfield

Blood moon rises over cornfield adjacent to Smith Bridge in Plymouth, New Hampshire. A Rare blood moon rises over the Smith covered bridge in Plymouth NH.

One original edition of 10 prints is made, printed on fine art rag paper with archival inks. A Digitally initialed open edition otherwise archived and kept only for historic purposes and publications. Manipulated color image.

Purchase an original here:

The digitally initialed open edition, also available at the link above, provides the closest approximation to an original work at a more affordable price, especially for those who love art but dont feel the need to purchase original works.

Chocorua Chapel Mindscape

Chocorua Chapel Mindscape

This color montage of the Chocorua chapel in Tamworth NH includes elements of photography and watercolor painting. When I took the original image of this chapel it was getting dark and I stood and watched the changing scene as darkness descended upon the little valley at the base of the Chocorua Range in Tamworth, New Hampshire. Many of the images that I captured that evening have become images that sell regularly and well. However, nothing captured the pure simplicity of the ridge, the chapel and the road. This image is a photo montage that includes elements from 4 different images, created as a monochrome and then hand-painted with watercolors. The image is then scanned for production in a signed limited edition of only 5 images. I do not sell the base image from which the scanned output is derived because the watercolors fade too quickly and the image would loose its impact. Instead, the painted image is destroyed to protect the value of the limited editi…

The Gathering Storm Haiku

The Gathering Storm Haiku

Proceeds on sales of this image will be donated to hurricane relief efforts in Florida and the hard hit islands of the Caribbean.

The Gathering Storm
Borne on an ill wind, our own
Confers no favor
~ Wayne D. King

This image is a digitally initialed Open Edition print providing affordable art for your home or office. The digitally initialed open edition provides you with the closest approximation of an original without the premium cost of the original.

Mixed media combining an image titled “Bracing Against the Storm” and a Haiku entitled “The Gathering Storm” The image is of a Pelican braced against a growing storm. The image is intended to highlight the existential danger of climate change. A Pelican braces against the driving rain of a storm. The threat of climate change is underscored by this image in combination with the haiku accompanying it.

A limited edition of 25 prints is also produced of this image, signed, dated an…

Light Fades on Broadacres Farm, Jefferson, NH

Daylight fades on Broadacres Farm in Jefferson, New Hampshire at Broadacres farm in Jefferson, NH. I waited as the daylight faded to capture this moment. The blurring of the background was enhanced from the actual depth of field because I felt it added to the focus on the key elements.

Printed in an original edition of 10 signed images on fine art rag paper with archival inks. To purchase an original or an affordable digitally initialed open edition print, click here:

The digitally initialed open edition, also available at the link above, provides the closest approximation to an original work at a more affordable price, especially for those who love art but dont feel the need to purchase original works.

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Light Fades on Broadacres Farm Originals
Edition of 10
Printed on fine art rag paper with archival inks

dusk, light fades, broad acres, farm, barn, red, chairs, n…

Storm Over Newfound Lake - Two Views

Below is an example of a treatment of an image that yielded two different works of art both beautiful in their own way.

The first image "Late Summer Storm Over Newfound Lake" is a straight color image captured at just the right moment to freeze a moment in time as a storm sweeps up the lake from the south. The last few boats still on the lake add depth and just a splash of color to the scene.

The second image (below) is painted with watercolors to make the sky more full with clouds and color. The negative space of the sky in the first image conveys more loneliness, while the second conveys more drama.

Both images are available for purchase in original signed editions as well as open edition prints, posters cards and products. Click on the caption below each image to view a larger version of each and to place an order.

First Colors of Fall - Wind in the Maple

As I walked Boof, our Siberian Husky, along the railroad bed nearby two days ago,  I came upon this Maple bursting forth with the first colors of fall. I captured the image and manipulated it to create the image you see below.

Blurring the Colorline

Blurring the Colorline:

In the view of W.E.B. Dubois "the profound interior work of who we are creates ever-present challenges - Rich, complicated and not always resolved." This “photoexpressionist mindscape” celebrates diversity and the capability of all of us to rise above - and purposefully blur - the colorlines that divide us while still celebrating that which we bring to the great tapestry of life.

Photographed on Smarts Brook in Thornton, NH.

Abstract art by Wayne D. King created from a series of images of icefalls along Smart’s Brook in Thornton, New Hampshire. Original art available in an edition of 10 13”x 36” $695. Contact the artist directly to purchase an original or click here: