Non Profit Organization Fundraising with Mindscapes

The Daisy

The Blue Sheet

De-emphasizing a Busy Background

The Woodworker's Hands

The Yellow Cap

Two Worlds Reach Out

Deep Woods Trove

Hidden Color in Muted Seasons

Maple Ablaze Mindscape

Last Light on Rattlesnake

Tokyo Rain

Children of the Pow Wow

Goose Rocks Mindscape

The Cornice

Hand Coloring or Painting Images for Impact

Amethyst Fire

A Rascal of Boys

Repairing the Nets

Birdhouse Beachfront

Sugar Hill Meetinghouse

The Conversation

Knee Deep in Zebras

The Mask #1

Wash Day in Accra

At The Water's Edge

Senegal Sunbrella #1

Images from the Smithsonian National Pow Wow